Educating the children of poor hill tribe in Bandarban district of the CHT of Bangladesh …

About Humanitarian Foundation (HF)

Background/Introduction: Humanitarian Foundation (HF) is a voluntary development organization working in Chittagong Hill Tracts. At the end of 1999, the issue of indigenous peoples' deprivation from basic human needs like as education, health support service etc. came in focus among some committed youths of Chittagong Hill Tracts while the riches of the country were waiting to celebrate the new Millennium (21st century) with ecstatic joy and happiness. Those committed and dedicated youths of the indigenous community founded Humanitarian Foundation (HF) in 1999 with view to serve the vulnerable and marginalized people of CHTs in the new Millennium.

Vision: Humanitarian Foundation envisions a just and compassionate world free from oppression, hunger and poverty, where every person irrespective of race, colour and creed lives in peace and dignity.

Mission: Organising the outcast, oppressed and extremely poor; elimination of their sufferings through introducing community supporting approach and develop community capacity to attain services from public and private sectors; eradication of poverty through the empowerment of community, education, utilisation of available scopes, opportunities, resources and potentials; strive against social injustice, protect and promote human rights, culture, values, norms, dignity and gender equity.

HF has following objectives:
✓ Reduce literacy rates amongst the target people.
✓ Taking care of mother and children health.
✓ Assist poor farmers with integrated agriculture development initiative.
✓ Recover and increase cultivable land.
✓ Aware people on use of safe water and hygienic latrine.
✓ Assist in maintaining ecological balance and save bio-diversity.
✓ Create self-employment and income generation activities.