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Alusama Froi / Skill Development Training Project

Project Description

Project constructed a building of concrete wall and CI sheet tin roof at Thanchi upazila for skill development training to unemployed hill tribe youth and women. HF contributed land for construction of the training center. Five training courses with a duration of three month are offered: computer basics, weaving, plant nursery, carpentry and tailoring. Training tools are supported to successfull graduates to get employment and to be self-employed. The project provides business trainings and builds a social network with public and private entrepreneurs. A sale center was set up at Bandarban and revolving capital fund was established to increase the chance to become self-employed.
Project creates additional skills and craftsmanship, employment and self-employment. Besides it creates a network between trainees and local and national traders. Project helps to bring a positive change in the life of the undeveloped youth and women in Thanchi upazila. The project is a contribution to better educational chances and to economical development in Thanchi.
Since 2009, CO-OPERAID and Humanitarian Foundation (HF) run a project ("UPASSHAK") to promote primary education and secondary education in the same area. The project Alusama Froi (use your skill in Marma language) is therefore a complementary project intervention. The projects (Upasshak and Alusama Froi) serve the international children rights to education and they fight poverty. Alusama Froi commenced in July 2012.

Project Details

  • Donor(s): CO:OPERAID, Switzerland
  • Starting Date: July 23, 2012
  • Completion Date: December 31, 2020
  • Budget: BDT 15,000,000

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