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Founder Members

Team Member

Amar Shanti Chakma

Treasurer and Program Director

He graduated from Asian University, Bangladesh with a degree (Master of Arts) in Political Science. Amar Shanti Chakma started his career with BRAC Bangladesh as programme organizer (PO) since 1995 to 1998. Later he worked for GRAUS, a local NGO in Bandarban, as Trainer in 2000 under Road Maintenance Programme (RMP) financial supported by WFP. Then he founded Hope Bridge, an NGO in Bandarban, together with his friends (Moung Moung Shing, Nilu Marma, Mong Hyching Marma and others). He was working for Hope Bridge as project coordinator since 2003 to 2004. He is a founder member of Humanitarian Foundation (HF). Since inception, he is taking a vital role for developing HF a sustainable organization. He founded Deprived Aid, a local voluntary organization in Bandarban hill district, with his friends Mr. Sachib Chakma and others. Besides, he involves in many social development movements locally and nationally. He is a propoor and proactive social development organizer and activist.

Team Member

Moung Moung Shing

Executive Director

Moung Moung Shing graduated with a degree in Social Science. He worked for Gonoshasthaya Kendra (People's Health Center- Bangladesh) as Supervisor at Thanchi upazila, Bandarban. After that he and his friends (Amar Shanti Chakma, Mong Hyching Marma, Nilu Marma and others) founded Hope Bridge ( a local NGO in Bandarban) in December 19, 1999. He worked for Hope Bridge as Treasurer as of 1999 to 2003. He is founder member of Humanitarian Foundation (HF). He was nominated as Executive Director of HF by Executive Committee (EC) since 2004. He was a member of evaluation team of Gonoshasthaya Kendra's education project in Thanchi upazila. Also, he conducted evaluation on Sponsorship Programme of World Vision, Bandarban (Bandarban Area Development Programme). He published many periodical, journal, magazine etc on local issues. Besides, he involved in different youth and students movements prior to being Executive Director of HF. His specialization is community empowerment and development through social mobilization.

Team Member

Abraham Tripura


He graduated from Janhangirnagar University with a degree in English Literature. He worked for Toymu, a leading local NGO in Bandarban, as Executive Director since 2002 to 2005. And he is an active member of Toymu since 2000. He is a prominent and pioneer founding member of Bangladesh Tripura Christian Students Association (BTCSA). He founded Khabaja Education Fund in 2013 to provide scholarship to poor Tripura students who are attending in secondary and tertiary education (college and university). He was a Joint Secretary in the executive committee of Bangladesh Tripura Kallyan Sangsad (BTKS), Bandarban. Again, he was ellected as Treasurer of BTKS, Bandarban for term of three years (June 2012 to May 2015). Thirdly, he was ellected to General Secretary for BTKS, Bandarban for the period 3 years (11/09/2015 - 10/09/2018). Also he founded Hanani Lantri, a local social development organization, in 2006 working in education and land retention sector. He is a founder/founding member and founder Chairman of Humanitarian Foundation, a local NGO in Bandarban. Abraham Tripura is a prominent social development activist.