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Founding History

Humanitarian Foundation (HF) is a non-political, non-profitable local voluntary organization working in Chittagong Hill Tracts. It is an ideology-based organization and considers its role as facilitating the social transformation process. The focus of its initiative is indigenous people especially women, children and other ethnic minorities. It was established by some committed and dedicated youths in 1999 through a series of interactions among different stakeholders under the leadership of Mr. Moung Moung Shing, Mr. Amar Shanti Chakma and Mr. Abraham Tripura. It was developed with a commitment to support the vulnerable and marginalized people who are deprived of basic human needs. From the very beginning of its intervention in the field of development it geared all its strengths to bring them in the mainstream of development to help live in peace with dignity in a society based on justice.

HF is registered with the Department of Social Service, Bandarban, under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh vide Reg. No. Band-184/03 dated 21-12-2003 and NGO Affairs Bureau under the Foreign Donation Regulation Ordnance 1978, vide Reg. No.- 2116-dated 30-07-2006.

Target Groups: The ultra poor, disadvantaged people specially women and children living in CHT.

Sectors of work: Education, Health, Economic Emancipation, Environment and Forest, Human Rights, Advocacy and Networking, Research, Organization Development.

Community needs: Through effective participation of the community people the following areas have been identified to provide support to the target people:
Education, Training, Water and Sanitation, Women Development, Health, Income Generation Activities, Social Forestry, Human Rights, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship Development, Rural Development, Small Business and Mother Linguistic Education.