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Ongoing projects

At a glance ongoing projects:

Sl.#Title of projectMajor programe focusProject periodName of donorContact personContact personRemark
1Upajatya Shishu Shikkha Karjakram (UPASSHAK)Primary and secondary education2009-2019CO:OPERAIDMarcel Auf der MaurSwitzerlandRead more---
2Alusama Froi / Skill Development Training ProjectLivelihood, skill development training, education2012-2020CO:OPERAIDMarcel Auf der MaurSwitzerlandRead more---
3School feeding Program in Poverty Prone AreasHigh energy biscuit supply, nutrition, primary education2012-ContinuingDirectorate of Primary EducationRam Chandra Das (Director General)BangladeshRead more---
4Second Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development Project (CHTRDP-II)Social mobilization and community empowerment 2013-2018Asia Development Bank and GoB in partnership with ToymuSukrity Ranjann Chakma ndc (Project Director)PhilipinesRead more---
5Strengthening food security through enhancement of climate change adaptation of the ethnic peoples and marginalized families of CHTFood security2014-ContinuingCaritas BangladeshJames Gomes (Regional Director)BangladeshRead more---