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SSC, equivalent exams begin Sunday

SSC, equivalent exams begin Sunday

The examinations will be held with short syllabuses on three elective subjects on a group basis

The much-awaited Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and its equivalent examinations will begin on Sunday, maintaining health protocols.

Usually, the SSC examinations are held in February but this year the exams were delayed due to the pandemic.

An uncertainty was created over the public examination due to prolonged Covid-forced closure of educational institutions and Delta variant-driven resurgence of Covid cases from the beginning of the year.

With country’s Covid situation improving, the government finally reopened educational institutions on September 13 and on September 27, it announced plans to hold the SSC and HSC examinations with shortened syllabuses.

Some 2,227,113 students are expected to take part in the SSC and equivalent examinations this time while the number was 2,046,779 last time.

The number of candidates has increased by 179,334 with a growth rate of 8.76%.

The examinations will be held with short syllabuses on three elective subjects on a group basis.

About 1,800,998 candidates will sit for the SSC examinations under nine general education boards, 301,887 for Dakhil exams under Madrasa Education Board and 124,228 for vocational exams under Bangladesh Technical Education Board this year.

Besides, 429 students will take part in the examination from abroad. Some 3,679 centres are set to sit for the SSC exam across the country.

This year, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media will be monitored to prevent question paper leak. If any ID is suspected, law enforcers will monitor and   take immediate action.

The decision was taken at a meeting on the security of SSC exams with law enforcement agencies at the Ministry of Education on October 13.

According to the schedule, the SSC and its equivalent examinations will end on November 23.

Educational institutions across the country were closed in March last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the closure was extended several times.

Last year’s HSC examinees were evaluated on the basis of their results of JSC and SSC exams, a decision which received a mixed reaction.


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