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Alusama Froi

Summary/synopsis of Alusama Froi Project

1Name of the organization:Humanitarian Foundation (HF)
2Title of project:Alusama Froi
3Name of donor:CO:OPERAID, Switzerland
4Period of project implementation:1st January 2022 to 31st December 2024
5Geographical/working area:Thanchi upazila of Bandarban Hill District
6No. of direct beneficiaries of the project:600 persons (women, youth)
7Year wise budget of the project:1st year/2022: BDT 25,566,660
2nd year/2023: BDT 1,529,6169.50
3rd year/2024: BDT 14,054,074.50
8District/upazila wise budget segregation:Total BDT 54,916,904 for this project for Thanchi upazila in 3 years.
9Date of approval of NGO Affairs Bureau:16/1/2022
10Reference no. of approval of NGO Affairs Bureau:03.07.2666.662.68.006.21-02
11Detail budget (as per statement in the column 12 of the FD-6):Detail budget given/shown in the link (to view click on the given link).
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