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Ongoing Projects

At a glance ongoing projects of Humanitarian Foundation:
Sl# Name of projects Sectoral focus Period Donor's name
1 Rowa Kyang (village school) Primary education 2020-2025 CO:OPERAID, Switzerland
2 UPASSHAK Secondary education 2020-2024 CO:OPERAID, Switzerland
3 Talents Project Tertiary education CO:OPERAID, Switzerland
4 ALUSAMA FROI Skill development training CO:OPERAID, Switzerland
5 Rowangchari Area Program Child sponsorship 2023-2025 World Vision Bangladesh
6 PAEP-CHT Project Livelihood Caritas Bangladesh

Clean Water Project

Sponsor a water project - We are on the ground in Thanchi

Clean water supply in Yangresey Para/village

Scarcity of drinking water in Bandarban hill district

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