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Phaseout Projects

We are grateful to donors for their financial contribution for implementing projects which had been phased out/implemented successfully. We are sure these projects could not be implemented without their financial support. We are also thankful to our beneficiaries, stakeholders and local administration for their sincere cooperation in course of implementing these projects. It was really hard to implement projects without their sincere cooperation.

The financial cooperation of donors and technical cooperation of local people (beneficiaries, stakeholders and local administration) will be remaining in the heart of Humanitarian Foundation (HF) for ever. We will never forget their precious cooperation.

All of the phaseout/implemented projects are given in the table below:

Sl#Project titleTheme/focusGeographical areaPeriodDonor
1Protection and Promotion of Indigenous Women’s RightsCommunity development, capacity building and indigenous Women’s RightsRuma upazila and Thanchi upazila1/9/2007 – 31/8/2010Manusher Jonno Foundation, Dhaka
2Promotion and Strengthening of Local Governance in BandarbanCommunity empowerment, Good Governance and Human RightsThanchi upzila1/4/2008 – 31/3/2010DANIDA in partnership with Toymu
3Ashar Alo Mro Center (Hostel)Primary and Secondary EducationThanchi upazila1/11/2006 – 30/6/2011aiutare I bambini, Italy
4Non-Formal Primary Education Programme (NFPE)Pre-primary and primary educationRuma Upazila1/1/2006 – 31/12/2011brac, Bangladesh
5Ensuring Sustainable Livelihood Security for Poor PeopleEconomic enhancement, livelihood development & Food SecurityThanchi upazila and Ruma upazila10/1/2010 – 30/6/2012Manusher Jonno Foundation, Dhaka
6Mother and Child Health Care ProjectMother and child health4 unions of Tnachi upazila1/7/2008 – 31/12/2017Tere des homes, Switzerland
7Upajatya Shishu Shikkha Karjakram (Upasshak)Primary and secondary education, economic development, community rice bank, teacher formationThanchi, Ruma and Bandarban sadar upazila1/2/2009 – 31/12/2019CO:OPERAID, Switzerland
8Sustainable Provision for Safe Water and SanitationWASH, civil constructions, riverside and roadside tree plantingThanchi and Ruma upazila1/5/2008 – 30/4/2009HOPE’87, Austria
9Indigenous Community Based Sustainable Management of Chimbuk Hill ForestCommunity empowerment, Capacity development and forest conservationLama and Ruma upazila1/6/2009 – 30/9/2014Arannayk Foundation, Dhaka
10GoB-Danida CHT-HYSAWA ProjectWASH, civil constructionsRowangchari upazila and Ruma upazila1/10/2009 – 31/12/2010GoB-Danida/HYSAWA Fund
11Food for Education Program (FEP)Food supply, nutrition and primary educationLama, Thanchi, Ruma, Rowangchari, Naikhyangchari and Alikadom upazila1/4/2009 – 31/12/2012World Food Programme (WFP)
12Emergency School Feeding ProgramFood supply, nutrition and Primary EducationRuma, Lama, Thanchi and Alikadom upazila 1/4/2009 – 31/12/2012World Food Programme (WFP)
13School feeding Program in Poverty Prone AreasHigh energy biscuit supply, nutrition, primary educationThanchi upazila1/10/2011 – 31/12/2020Directorate of Primary Education of government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
14Integrated Community Development Initiative in Bandarban DistrictCommunity development, economic activities, livelihood development and food securityRuma and Rowangchari upazila of Bandarban hill district1/7/2011 – 30/6/2013Manitese, Italy
15Vulnerable Group Development ProjectCapacity development and women empowermentLama and Bandarban sadar upazila of Bandarban district1/5/2010 – 31/12/2011Directorate of Women’s Affairs of government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
16Community Empowerment ProjectCommunity Empowerment, capacity building, economic activitiesTindu, Balipara, Remakree and sadar union of Thanchi upazila11/4/2010 – 30/9/2013UNDP-CHTDF
17Integrated Khumi Community Development ProjectCommunity empowerment, capacity building and LivelihoodRuma and Rowangchari upazila 1/6/2010 – 31/5/2011Manitese, Italy
18Alusama FroiLivelihood, skill development trainingThanchi upazila1/9/2011 – 31/12/2020 CO:OPERAID, Switzerland
19HYSAWA Fund Project WASH, civil constructions Thanchi, Lama, Rowangchari and Bandarban sadar upazila 15/12/2012 – 14/12/2015GoB-Danida/HYSAWA Fund
20Sustainable Livelihood Improvement through Secured EarningEconomic activities, Livelihood Thanchi, Ruma and Rowangchari upazila 1/8/2013 – 31/7/2016Manusher Jonno Foundation, Dhaka
21Early Recovery Assistance to Restore Agricultural Based Livelihoods in Critically Food Insecure Areas of the Chittagong Hill TractsLivelihood, food security, community mobilization, economic activitiesTindu, Balipara, Remakree and sadar union of Thanchi upazila 20/4/2013 – 20/5/2014Food and Agriculture Organization (AFO)
22Second Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development Project (CHTRDP-II)Rural Development, community development and mobilizationBandarban sadar upazila and Rowangchari upazila 9/1/2013 – 30/6/2019Asia Development Bank and GoB in partnership with Toymu
23Underprivileged Children Education ProjectPrimary and secondary education Thanchi, Ruma, Rowangchari and Lama upazila of Bandarban district1/4/2012-28/2/2019Cobra and Mongoose Charity, Australia
24Emergency Food Assistance to Address Food Insecurity in CHTEmergency relief, food supplyThanchi, Ruma, Rowangchari upazila 8/5/2012 – 30/11/2012World Food Programme (WFP)
25Promoting a Network of Village Common Forests (VCFs) and Building Capacity of the Network Members in Chittagong Hill TractsForest conservation, networking, capacity buildingAlikadom, Lama, Bandarban sadar, Rowangchari and Ruma upazila1/8/2016 – 31/7/2017UNDP-CHTDF in partnership with Zabarang Kalyan Samity
26Strengthening food security through enhancement of climate change adaptation of the ethnic peoples and marginalized families of CHTFood security, capacity buildingThanchi upazila1/7/2014Caritas Bangladesh

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