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Rowa Kyang


Rowa Kyang is a primary education project of Humanitarian Foundation (HF). The project started in January 2020. There are a total of 25 primary schools in 30 villages in Thanchi, Lama, Bandarban sadar and Ruma upazila of Bandarban Hill District of Bangladesh. The project is financially supported by CO:OPERAID, Switzerland. 2 teachers were appointed for a school and deployed in each school (50 teachers in 25 schools). Period of the project is 3 years (January 2020-December 2022). Government curriculum is followed in teaching in the schools. Project supports teaching and learning materials, teachers’ salary, teachers’ training, community rice banks, family IGAs, boat IGAs, schools IGAs, primary health care (preventive)/health campaign/de-worming, WASH, village common forest (VCF)/forest conservation. A total of 25 SMCs were formed in each school comprising of 15/20 members. The SMCs proactively oversee the day to day management/activities of the schools.

In addition, the project established a ‘school fund‘ in each school for the sustainability of the village schools. Income from the school IGAs, service charge of the community rice banks, income of boat IGAs are deposited to the school fund. Apart from these, communities pay taka 50/100 in each month to the school fund as education fee of their children. Teachers’ salary, and expenses of teaching and learning materials of the sustainable schools/advance schools are paid from the school funds. A total of 15 schools have been sustainable until now.

Summary of Rowa Kyang Project

1Name of organization:Humanitarian Foundation (HF)
2Project title:Rowa Kyang (a Marma language meaning village school)
3Donor organization:CO:OPERAID, Switzerland
4Period of project implementation:1st January 2020 to 31st December 2022
5Project/working area:Bandarban sadar, Ruma and Thanchi upazila
6No. of direct beneficiaries of the project:Total 509 students/children
7Year wise budget of the project:1st year/2020: BDT 20,853,310
2nd year/2021: BDT 16,573,090
3rd year/2022: BDT 1,5073,600
8District/upazila wise budget segregation:Bandarban sadar upazila: BDT 10,500,000
Ruma upazila: BDT 10,500,000
Thanchi upazila: 31,500,000
Grand total in 3 years: 52,500,000
9Date of approval of NGO Affairs Bureau:10/02/2020
10Reference no. of approval of NGO Affairs Bureau:03.07.0000.662.68.154.19-121
11Detail budget (as per statement in the column 12 of the FD-6):Detail budget given/shown in the link (the text is in Bengali/Bangla).

Rowa Kyang project proposal & budget summary (2020-2022)

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